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Passing drops will soon be connected to ofo, sharing bicycle wars or changing

36氪 Get information from the inside of ofo, maybe in April this year, ofo will be connected to the Drip travel app, then users can directly use the ofo service on the drop.

"This matter has recently been frequently put on the agenda, and internal news is likely to be accessible next month," said an internal staff member. 36氪 The official, ofo official verified the news, but at the time of publication, neither company confirmed or denied it.

The founder of ofo, Dai Wei, said in December last year that there was no clear timetable for when to access the Drip APP. "The mode of ofo is that there is no GPS. The user sees the car and the logic is not the same as the logic of the drip platform. But in the near future, we will launch something in conjunction with Didi."

However, similar access is not without precedent. In February of this year, WeChat and Mobike announced that the user scanned the QR code on the Mobike body by WeChat “sweeping”, and then directly entered the Mobike Bike WeChat applet and clicked the lock to use the car.

This is not the first time that the ofO will access the drop, nor the first deep binding of the two platforms. Previously, Didi participated in the latest three rounds of ofo financing. According to a report by Tencent Technology, a shared bicycle investor revealed that after many rounds of financing, the company has become the largest shareholder of ofo, accounting for more than 30%. "This means that the right to speak in the ofo is stronger, and at the same time, the success of the ofo, the drop will be the largest interest related party."

It is not difficult to understand that after the drop of theo, it will be used as a huge user traffic portal to guide its flow, while ofo further consolidates the business volume and enhances the status and imagination of the industry under the blessing of Didi.

Moreover, if you really put the ofo in, it means that Didi and the capital behind it are further making up for the gap in the field of travel.

An insider revealed to 36 that he once wanted to share a bicycle, but for some reason he could not achieve it, and he could only be the investor of ofo. However, this does not mean that Didi will not further enter the market.

Didi investment ofo is nothing more than an opportunity to target the "last three kilometers."

At present, the domestic “last three kilometers” field is still a very junior stage, and there is no systematic service provider. In the first-tier cities of Beishangguang, the complicated traffic has made the major travel platforms increasingly fierce for the “last three kilometers”.

“From the starting point to the destination of 3 kilometers, whether it is a taxi or a bicycle, this is a choice for the user. Which one to choose is justified.” An ofo internal staff said that the trick is to Different options are covered.

In the view of Didi and ofo and its investors, the shared bicycle field has already ushered in a period of rapid growth. A public relations at Ofo once told the media that in the past few years after 2012, the speed of the car and the express train was very fast. Ofo is in the past one year, the daily order volume from 200 to 500,000 single, "the past car express, the current ofo are experiencing high-speed growth, this momentum is similar." The above public relations staff said.

At the end of December last year, ofo jointly launched the red envelope activity, which was the first time for the two sides to cooperate on a large scale after the investment of the company. The red envelope strategy adopted by the event is also considered to be one of the tools that Didi has always used for marketing.

According to the Drip side, 2017 will still focus on the field of travel, hoping to get everyone's travel. This means that all modes of travel will be covered, and sharing a bicycle will be one of the directions of the drip.

36氪 believes that another important reason for Drip to further access shared bicycles is that compared with the “harsh” Internet special vehicle regulations, the development of shared bicycles has been encouraged by the policy at the beginning, and the constraints are quite reasonable. However, from the perspective of policy and new business growth, it has been possible to take a step further from the sharing of bicycles.

However, there are still questions about 36. How can I access the drip without navigation and what impact will it have on the user after the access?

"As far as I know, Didi may contract technology and navigation to third-party companies." The above-mentioned internal staff said that the oro after accessing the drop may still have no navigation, the user is on the page. Mainly perform scan code unlocking and payment functions.

As for the user experience, the above-mentioned internal staff said, “The main function of the original ofo is relatively simple, and the operation is very simple. I believe it can be seamlessly connected to the Drip platform,” he stressed. “After all, the future trend is that people’s mobile phones The number of apps loaded on it will be less and less."