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Received 38 million yuan of A+ round investment, Le Shake Technology uses the doll machine to make t

36氪 was informed that the offline public number promotion company Le Shake Technology has completed a 38 million yuan A+ round of financing, the investor is Guangfa Shunde.

As we all know, online traffic is now expensive, and everyone's eyes are beginning to focus on the offline. In addition to the traditional subway and elevator advertisements, there are already some new advertising modes under the line, such as getting customers through commercial Wi-Fi, representing the company with Maididi; for example, the photo printers that are common outside the food and beverage outlets are dedicated to the public number. Performance ads. Le Shake Technology chose to use the doll machine for traffic distribution.

The reason why the founder Chen Haohao thinks that there are two main reasons: First, the amount of memory in the doll machine is 2 million, and the stock of all coin-operated equipment including it is about 20 million. These machines cannot be used. Mobile payment, the pain points of consumers and businesses need to be solved; second, the doll machine is mostly in shopping malls, KTV and other places, the user group is 16 to 35 years old women, the advertising is more accurate.

From the perspective of the advertising audience, it can be seen that the music shake is more accurate than the WI-FI, and from the business model of the shake, they do not produce their own machines like the photo printers on the market, but with the machine manufacturers. Cooperation, only the hardware box is provided, so the business model is lighter.

Specifically, they look at the business model of music shake. They provide hardware boxes and SaaS systems to the machines for free. The manufacturers install the boxes and ship them to the merchants. According to statistics, the mobile phone payment can increase the income of 28%. When the user wants to catch the doll, first use WeChat to scan the code. At this time, there are two modes to choose from. The first one is recharge, and the user can spend 1 yuan to catch the doll after recharging; the second is free to use, the user chooses this mode. After that, pay attention to an advertiser's WeChat public number, you can grab the doll for free, usually the user will see the public number of three or four advertisers.

In this way, Le Shake (currently installed 30,000 machines), each machine distributes advertisements 10 times a day on average, and the entire platform can increase the number of the public number by about 300,000 per day, with an average of 70,000 per number. The average retention rate for the week is 65%. Usually, the cost of using the wide-point pass is close to $3, and the use of music shake is one more than one. In addition to the low price, Chen Haohao believes that the traffic generated by offline interaction will be more real and more realistic than online. However, he also said that music shake and wide-point communication are not substitutes. The public number will generally be acquired in different ways. user.

According to Chen Haohao, most of the manufacturers of dolls in the country are in Panyu, Guangzhou. They have cooperated with more than 300 companies and basically covered all the manufacturers. As mentioned earlier, they have installed 30,000 machines covering 291 cities in China. They plan to In 2017, it reached 100,000 units. After that, they will expand to other game class slot machines.

At present, there are more than 100 public numbers that have been cooperating with the company. The clients include content entrepreneurs such as Guangzhou Chao Life, Tongdao Uncle, and New List, as well as the public number of Country Garden and Honey Bud. The advertising order is tens of millions of yuan, and the music shakes a certain percentage to extract profits. Chen Haohao believes that the current public demand is the largest, and small programs can become their customers in the future.

In addition to the realization of advertising distribution, Le Shake also hopes to try more ways to cash in the future. When the number of users is enough, the plan is realized through user operations, and games, e-commerce, etc. may be tried. At present, the monthly flow is 40 million yuan, and the payment finance and industrial chain integration business is planned in the future.

On the team side, founder Chen Haohao has 3 years of marketing experience in Unilever and Hewlett-Packard. In 2011, he founded the marketing interaction company Micro-Electronics. In 2015, he was acquired by a certain company. CMO Xu Deqiang was the general manager of Sohu's focus on Weihai Station Nantong Station; CTO Yang Kairan worked in Oracle; business VP Zhang Jiebo is Ping An Insurance executive.